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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

New York City – Long Island – Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

It is dangerous to be a pedestrian in New York Coty. According to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), pedestrians account for about 19 percent of all traffic fatalities. Pedestrian accidents can result in catastrophic injuries. Pedestrians are usually unprotected unlike occupants of motor vehicles that are equipped with seatbelts and airbags. In addition, the impact of a large and heavy vehicle can be significant and can result in severe trauma.

The transportation revolution of the twentieth century has displaced the pedestrian from most roads. The driver’s license became the key to mobility in America and motorized vehicles the tools. Where once stores, entertainment and services were only a short walk away, they are now often clustered in shopping malls off major highways miles from town centers or suburban communities. Pedestrians are banned from roads such as expressways and interstate highways while the distances make it impractical if not impossible to walk to the malls in any case.

If you or someone you know has sustained injuries from a Pedestrian Accident, a free consultation with a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer is only a phone call away. NYS law allows recovery of compensation for pain and suffering resulting from a pedestrian accident. Please Call now and speak to a Pedestrian Accident Attorney at Choudhry & Franzoni PLLC, Law Firm. 212-LAW-8000.

New York State Law Related to Pedestrians

When there is no traffic control signal, drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, particularly if a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, or there is potential danger to the pedestrian. In addition, every driver approaching an intersection or crosswalk must yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian, especially accompanied by a guide dog or a cane. The driver of a vehicle, when entering or exiting from an alleyway, building, private road or driveway must yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian on a sidewalk. At crosswalks where there isn’t a traffic control signal or officer, pedestrians have the right-of-way. Regardless of the right-of-way, the driver is required by law to take great care to avoid “hitting” pedestrians.


Pedestrian Accident & Police Report

Always make a proper police report after any Pedestrian accident. If you do not make a police report you may have a hard time proving that the accident actually took place. Making a police report documents the accident and key information about all parties involved in the accident. Exchanging information with other parties and walking away from the scene of the accident is never a good idea. Protect your legal rights and if you are ever involved in an any type of an accident, always make a police report.


Pedestrian Accident & Medical Help

Always seek medical help, as you may seem to be feel fine but may have suffered internal injuries of different sort; this is especially true for any head trauma. Its always advisable to seek immediate medical help to determine your medical condition.


Pedestrian Accidents & Medical Bills

Personal Injury Pedestrian Accident Attorneys of our law firm will make sure that you don’t get burdened with the medical bills resulting from your pedestrian accident. The vehicle that caused the accident is most likely to pay all the medical bills, however its not that simple, insurance companies will do everything possible to delay or deny the payment but we will fight hard for your rights.


Pedestrian Accidents & Loss Wages

Injuries resulting from a Pedestrian Accident can often prevent a person from return to work immediately. If you have been injured in a pedestrian Accident you have the right to recover your lass income/wages from the insurance company of the vehicle that caused the accident. We will make sure that all your legal rights are protected and your receive most compensation for your in injuries. A free legal consultation is only a phone call away. Please Call Now 212-LAW-8000.


Pedestrian Accidents Questions

If you have any questions regarding your pedestrian accident please call our office immediately, Personal injury lawyers of our firm have handled many Pedestrian accident cases successfully. We will do our best to protect your legal rights and get you the most compensation for your injuries. Don’t Gamble with your legal rights. Please call our office for a fee an immediate consolation. 212 – LAW – 8000  (212-529-8000)

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