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Machinery Accidents

Machinery and Equipment Accident Lawyers

New York City – Long Island – Machinery and Equipment Accident Attorneys

Machinery and equipment accidents are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. Often, the sheer size of the equipment makes the jobsite more dangerous. Inadequate worker training, and co-worker negligence also leads to accidents. Often these accidents give rise to worker’s compensation claims however in addition to workers compensation claim circumstances surrounding the accident should be investigated for other potential compensation. Third-party claims can arise against subcontractors, manufacturers of equipment and machinery or their operators, property owners, or on rare occasions, against co-workers or supervisors.

Operating or working near heavy equipment like backhoes, bulldozers, loaders, excavators, asphalt pavers, dump trucks, pipe layers, wheel dozers, cranes, drilling machines and more.  Very often these accidents occur because of a lack of equipment maintenance and something malfunctioning as a result.  Other times, accidents are caused because of a lack of formalized safety protocols.  Regardless of why you believe you were injured, we can discuss your case and the potential options available to you.

Often Times, Accidents Involving Heavy Machinery Are Not Just “Accidents”.

Machinery And Equipment Accidents

Machinery And Equipment Accidents are usually caused by someone’s negligence or carelessness. A thorough investigation is needed to make sure that if there was negligence on any third party’s fault.

Design Of The Machinery – Equipment

Design Of The Machinery – Equipment almost always, the first element is to go over is the design of the machinery or equipment, which was involved in the accident. A comprehensive investigation is needed to determine that machinery or equipment in question was designed and manufactured safely, correctly and meets the industry safety standards.

Adequate Training And Supervision

Adequate Training And Supervision, often contractors, subcontractors, supervisors are pressed to meet deadlines. Often time’s adequate training and supervision is absent which causes the worker to get hurt by the machinery he is operating. The training to construction workers needs to be comprehensive on how to use machinery and equipment, safely and properly.  The equipment needs to have proper warning labels on it and part of the training needs to be that the construction worker is properly trained to know as well as obeyed by those warning labels.

OSHA – New York State Industrial Code Regulations

OSHA – New York State Industrial Code Regulations must be followed at all times at all construction sites. However often these rules and regulations are ignored end up casing avoidable accidents and injuries to the workers.

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